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This was the original website for BitTorrentBooster.com. The BitTorrent protocol was a later model of P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing technology. Napster was probably the best known of the early networks. In 2001 Napster was held liable for copyright infringement and shut down, later reappearing as a pay service. According to Wikipedia, Microsoft used BitTorrent protocol for Update distribution (Windows 10) while online playing games use it as their content distribution network for downloading large amounts of data without spending thousands on bandwidth costs. Needless to say, the economic effect of copyright infringement through peer-to-peer file sharing on music revenue has been controversial. No one can deny P2P has affected both the music and the movie industry. Who among us can deny using it at some point. Remember the act of file sharing is not illegal and peer-to-peer networks are used for legitimate purposes. It is the in file sharing of copyrighted material without permission that is at the root of a lot of legal wrangling.

When I decided to purchase this domain, I talked to my co workers about using Napster (if there weree much older co workers) and P2P and BitTorrent protocol if they were younger. I happened to work for an e commerce site that sells janitorial supplies and loads of paper towels wholesale & retail. When I first started working for CleanItSupply I was overwhelmed my first 6 months with the amount of products I needed to become familiar with. My first two weeks all I learned about was their paper towel and dispenser types. Center-pull paper hand towels, perforated paper towels, multi-fold paper towels, c-fold paper towels, 1-ply brown paper towels, white paper towels, eco-friendly and regular paper towels are just the major categories! My head was spinning! Two years later I'm totally comfortable dealing with janitorial supply inventory. Anyway, everyone had downloaded both music and movies from the internet and 90% of us were very comfortable with P2P sharing. The gamers among us were all familar with BitTorrent.

The Bit Torrent Booster became known mainly for its 100% accelerated uploads, as well as downloads. Gamers in particular embraced BitTorrentBooster. It was also considered to be very safe to install. In 2009, out of all the sharing technologies, BitTorrent was considered the most widely used.

If you want to read more about torrents, bit torrents, p2p sharing there is blog site, also from around 2009, that explains just about everything about torrents. Check it out at bittorrentbooster.wordpress.com.

< When the domain registration for BitTorrentBooster.com. expired, it disappeared form the web. Recently I discovered that the domain for BitTorrentBooster.com. was available, so I bought it with the goal of recreating some of its content from archived pages. I definitely didn't want someone else purchasing the domain and re-purposing it for something that had nothing in common with the original website. Unfortunately, archive.org did not not much to offer. I have included info from other sources as well as what I could get from archive.org.

Remember, no apps an be downloaded from this site as it is. There are still plenty of sites that offer various apps. Bittorrent_turbo_accelerator.en.downloadastro.com is one such site. Check them out. They offer he latest and most popular BitTorrent apps that are available today.


Since the site will not be exactly as you remember it, please be indulgent.

Now let's take a nostalgic stroll back to 2008.



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Types of BitTorrent Apps That Are Available


Popular torrent file sharing service

BitTorrent Turbo Accelerator 5.2.0
Adds speed to BitTorrent downloads

BitTorrent PRO 6.5.0
BitTorrent PRO is a file-sharing application

BitTorrent EZ Booster 2.3.0
Speeds up the BitTorrent application

BitTorrent-Ez-Booster is definitely a must-have utility for all BitTorrent P2P users. The reason lies in its capacity to enhance the search and the speed of your downloads. Now you can really enjoy those multiple simultaneous search and also get full bandwidth utilization. BitTorrent-Ez-Booster performs quite discretely without interfering with any of your activities and having the lowest CPU usage. BitTorrent -EZ-Booster is FREE and 100% CLEAN! 

BitTorrent Turbo Accelerator Latest version 5.2.0
The BitTorrent Turbo Accelerator is used as an add-on utility for the BitTorrent downloader, a P2P file sharing application.
BitTorrent Turbo Accelerator speeds up the BitTorrent application, meaning quicker downloads and quicker searches. It is free to download and comes with no hidden nasties, such as malware or spyware.

BitTorrent Ultra Accelerator 6.0.0
An add-on utility for the BitTorrent downloader

BitTorrent UltraBooster 3.3.0
BitTorrent UltraBooster is a p2p speed patch

BitTorrent Acceleration Patch 7.2.0
BTAP is an innovative plug-in for BitTorrent

BitTorrent SpeedUp Pro 5.9.0
BTSUP is an innovative plug-in for BitTorrent

BitTorrent Acceleration Tool 4.3.0
BTAT is a new addon for BitTorrent

BitTorrent Acceleration Tool is a new add-on for BitTorrent file sharing program. Latest technology implemented will enable you to download MP3s, movies and other desired files faster than ever. The program will ensure that your bandwidth is used to its highest capability. Also the booster will help you find more sources to download. It is free and do not include ads, adware, spyware, Trojans or any other malware 100% clean.

BitTorrent MP3 5.5.0
BitTorrent Mp3 is a fast app to download mp3

All are available at: bittorrent_turbo_accelerator.en.downloadastro.com



More Background On BitTorrentBooster.com

BitTorrentBooster, a software tool designed for the BitTorrent protocol, aims to enhance the speed of torrent downloads. The BitTorrent protocol, a prominent method for peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing, allows users to distribute data across the internet efficiently. BitTorrentBooster claims to increase the speed of these downloads, making it an attractive option for users looking to optimize their torrenting experience.

Enhancing torrent download speed involves a variety of strategies. For instance, managing upload and download rates is crucial. Limiting the upload rate to about 70-80% of your maximum upload speed can speed up torrenting, while keeping the download rate uncapped is advised for maximum downloading speed. Adjusting these settings requires navigating to the bandwidth settings of your torrent client​​.

Another method to improve download speed is by adding more trackers to your torrents. Trackers are servers that help peers in the torrent swarm communicate with each other. By adding new and faster trackers, you can increase the number of seeds (users who have the complete file) and peers (users who are downloading or have partially downloaded the file), potentially boosting download speeds​​.

Choosing the right torrent client can also impact download speeds. Clients like qBittorrent are recommended for being lightweight and ad-free, which can indirectly affect speed by reducing the software's resource consumption on your system​​.

Checking your internet connection speed, ensuring BitTorrent traffic isn't blocked by your firewall, adjusting the number of connections, opting for torrents with more seeders than leechers, using different ports, and encrypting BitTorrent traffic are additional steps to enhance speed and maintain a good torrenting experience. These measures help in optimizing the connection and safeguarding your activities from potential bandwidth throttling by internet service providers (ISPs)​​.

BitTorrentBooster and similar tools capitalize on these techniques to promise users faster download times. While the effectiveness of such software can vary based on numerous factors, including your internet service and the specific torrents being downloaded, employing the aforementioned strategies can significantly improve your P2P file sharing experience.

It's important for users to remember that while enhancing download speeds, contributing to the torrent community by seeding (uploading) is equally important to ensure the health and longevity of torrents. Additionally, users should always be mindful of the legal implications and copyright issues associated with downloading and sharing content via BitTorrent.



Factors influencing the popularity of BitTorrentBooster:

  1. Effectiveness: How well the tool improves download speeds and user satisfaction with the results.
  2. Safety and Security: Users are cautious about installing software that could potentially include malware or unwanted programs. The perceived safety of the tool is crucial.
  3. Ease of Use: Simplicity and user-friendliness can make a tool more appealing to a broader audience.
  4. Features: Additional features, such as download scheduling, bandwidth allocation, and support for magnet links, can affect a tool's popularity.
  5. Community Support: Tools that have active support forums, regular updates, and a community of users can become more popular through word-of-mouth and user recommendations.



The target audience for BitTorrentBooster and similar torrent acceleration tools generally includes:

  1. Frequent Torrent Users: Individuals who regularly download large files, such as movies, music, software, or games, through BitTorrent and seek to optimize their download speeds.

  2. Gamers: Gamers who download game files or updates through torrents might find such tools appealing to minimize download time, especially for large game files or extensive updates.

  3. Tech Enthusiasts: Those with a keen interest in optimizing their digital experiences, including speeding up downloads and making their internet usage more efficient.

  4. Content Creators and Distributors: While less common, some content creators may use P2P networks to distribute their work. These individuals may seek ways to improve the distribution speed for their audience.

  5. Users in Regions with Slow Internet: Individuals living in areas where internet speeds are generally slower or more inconsistent might look for any available means to improve their online experiences, including using tools like BitTorrentBooster.

  6. Privacy-Conscious Users: Although not directly related to privacy, users concerned with surveillance might use torrents for downloading content. They could be attracted to tools that promise faster downloads, assuming these tools also ensure privacy and security.


Known For

BitTorrentBooster is known for its promise to significantly accelerate the speed of BitTorrent file downloads. This tool claims to enhance both upload and download speeds for users of the BitTorrent protocol, which is widely used for peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing. Here are some key points BitTorrentBooster is known for:

  1. Acceleration of Downloads: BitTorrentBooster is primarily recognized for its ability to increase the speed of torrent downloads. The software claims to make downloading via BitTorrent faster, which is a significant advantage for users downloading large files.

  2. Ease of Use: The tool is designed to be user-friendly, allowing individuals with various levels of technical expertise to benefit from its features without requiring extensive knowledge of the BitTorrent protocol or network settings.

  3. Compatibility with Popular Torrent Clients: BitTorrentBooster is noted for working alongside well-known BitTorrent clients such as Vuze, BitComet, uTorrent, and BitTorrent itself. This compatibility ensures that a broad user base can integrate BitTorrentBooster into their existing file-sharing setups.

  4. Offering Various Service Packages: The tool offers different levels of service enhancement, including free and paid packages, which claim to boost download speeds by different margins. These options provide users with the flexibility to choose a service level that matches their needs and budget.

  5. Safety and Installation: It was considered safe to install, addressing common concerns about malware or unwanted software that can sometimes accompany download accelerators or other third-party internet tools.

  6. Popularity Among Gamers: The document mentions that gamers, in particular, embraced BitTorrentBooster for downloading game files. This suggests that the tool was effective in handling large file sizes typical of modern video games.



The history of BitTorrentBooster reflects a narrative common to many internet tools and services aimed at enhancing peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing. Here's a summarized history based on the context and nature of BitTorrentBooster:

Early 2000s: Rise of P2P File Sharing

  • The early 2000s saw a surge in the popularity of P2P file-sharing networks, with Napster being one of the most famous early examples. After legal challenges, the landscape of file sharing evolved, leading to the development of the BitTorrent protocol, which became a widely used method for distributing large files across the internet.

Mid-2000s: BitTorrent Gains Popularity

  • BitTorrent, as a protocol, gained widespread acceptance for its efficiency in distributing large files without overburdening the server with the cost of bandwidth. This led to the development of various BitTorrent clients and supporting tools aimed at improving user experience, among which BitTorrentBooster emerged as a solution for enhancing download speeds.

2009: BitTorrentBooster's Recognition

  • According to the document, by 2009, BitTorrentBooster had become known for offering a significant acceleration of both uploads and downloads within the BitTorrent network. It appealed particularly to gamers and was considered safe to install, distinguishing itself among various tools designed to optimize BitTorrent performance.

Post-2009: Evolution and Challenges

  • The document does not provide details on the period following BitTorrentBooster's recognition. However, like many internet tools, it likely faced the challenges of keeping up with technological advancements, changes in user behavior, and the constant battle against legal and ethical considerations surrounding P2P file sharing.

Absence from the Web and Domain Purchase

  • At some point, BitTorrentBooster.com expired and disappeared from the web. This is not uncommon for web-based services, as interests shift and maintenance costs compete with declining use or revenue. The document mentions that the domain was later purchased with the intent to recreate some of its content from archived pages, indicating a nostalgic or historical interest in preserving its legacy.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

  • The history of BitTorrentBooster is intertwined with the broader narrative of P2P file sharing, including the legal and ethical debates over copyright infringement. Tools like BitTorrentBooster operated within this contentious space, aiming to enhance user experience while navigating the complex landscape of internet copyright law.

Present Day

  • Without current information, the present status of BitTorrentBooster and its impact on the BitTorrent ecosystem remains unclear. The document suggests a desire to remember and possibly revive the utility of BitTorrentBooster, albeit in a landscape that has significantly evolved with new technologies and platforms for file sharing.

This history provides a snapshot of BitTorrentBooster's place within the larger story of internet file sharing, highlighting its moment of recognition and the challenges faced by such tools in the dynamic digital environment.


Cultural & Social Significance

BitTorrentBooster, as a tool designed to enhance the speed of BitTorrent downloads, is part of a larger narrative about how technology changes the way we access, share, and distribute content. This narrative encompasses several key areas of cultural and social significance:

Democratization of Content Access

  • BitTorrent and tools like BitTorrentBooster have played a significant role in democratizing access to information and media. By facilitating faster and more efficient downloads, they have enabled users worldwide to access a vast array of content that might otherwise be inaccessible due to cost, geographical restrictions, or availability.

Impact on the Entertainment Industry

  • The advent of P2P file sharing significantly disrupted the traditional media and entertainment industries. It challenged the business models of music, film, and television production companies, prompting debates over copyright, distribution rights, and revenue models. This disruption pushed the industry towards more digital and streaming-based models of content distribution.

Community and Collaboration

  • BitTorrent technology fosters a sense of community and collaboration among its users. By design, BitTorrent operates on the principle of users sharing pieces of files with each other, which underscores the collaborative nature of the internet. Tools like BitTorrentBooster, by enhancing this functionality, contribute to the ethos of sharing and collective participation in content distribution.

Innovation and Technology Evolution

  • The development of BitTorrentBooster and similar tools reflects the ongoing innovation within internet technologies and software solutions. It showcases the human drive to improve efficiency and performance, whether for downloading media, sharing resources, or collaborating across distances.

Legal and Ethical Discussions

  • BitTorrentBooster, by virtue of being part of the BitTorrent ecosystem, is inherently linked to broader legal and ethical discussions about copyright infringement, intellectual property rights, and the morality of file sharing. These discussions have influenced legislation, shaped internet policies, and sparked debates about digital rights and freedoms.

Shifts in Cultural Consumption

  • The ease of access to a wide range of content facilitated by BitTorrentBooster and similar tools has contributed to shifts in cultural consumption patterns. It has enabled more niche and independent content to reach global audiences, diversifying the cultural landscape and challenging mainstream media's dominance.

In sum, while BitTorrentBooster is a tool focused on a specific technical function, its cultural and social significance can be understood within the larger context of how BitTorrent technology has influenced access to information, reshaped industries, sparked innovation, and contributed to ongoing debates about digital rights and content distribution.